Name _____________________________      Science Research Class, Academy of Mount St Ursula

Wood Frog Ecology

 Instructions:  Print this page and answer the following questions about Wood Frogs.  Use resources in the school Library,  on the library web page, and the links on the Questions about Spring page for April.  
1.  Complete the taxonomy for the Wood Frog::  Kingdom:          __________________
Phylum:             __________________
Subphylum        __________________
Class                 __________________
Order                __________________
Family               __________________
Genus&Species ________________________

2.  Describe the life cycle of this species.  Include the three life stages, the approximate duration, source of nutrition, and habitat for each.  You may choose to complete this question in essay format, or complete the table below.

Life Stage Duration Nutrition Habitat Comments
3.  True or False:  Wood Frogs are the only North American amphibian that occurs north of the Arctic Circle.  Explain your answer.
Nature North:  Wood Frog  
4.  According to the DAPTF, many species of amphibians throughout the world have declined markedly in numbers; some species have become extinct. 

Give at least three possible reasons for the decline in amphibian populations  .