Luncheon Photos
  Hook FIRE Mt. Peter NEHW HMANA Bat's Bytes

Thanks to our counters!  

Hawk on the horizon! Hook is the greatest!

Their data make us a hawk watch!

Eagle coming round the Hook!

You just missed the eagle!

Their enthusiasm adds to the learning and the fun!

Great weather for hawks!

NW 9.2 ave, 14.5 max, 52F, 11.1C, Dew Pt 49F, BP 30.15  

This one looks big..... It dove into those trees.  Must be looking for lunch.

 Join us when the hawks are flying!

Counting Hawks at Hook Mountain

Great hawks, great fun!

Wow!  Triple digits that day!  Neat!  

Keeping the Records



Bat's Bytes Hook FIRE Mt. Peter NEHW HMANA

Updated:  01/12/2016